Classic American Car Restorations

At JC we produce restorations of truly breathtaking quality. We continually strive to raise the bar and become the standard by which all other restorers are judged. In fact, we have only one standard – perfection in everything that we do.

Recognising that more and more enthusiasts are undertaking restorations at home, and that the bodywork aspect of the restoration is beyond the capabilities of the vast majority, we have decided to open our doors to those customers that only need help with certain stages of their projects – in this case, the bodywork.

From the replacement or repair of a single panel, to the full restoration and painting of an entire car, JC is here to assist you. We have the proven ability to construct entire body shells from scratch and we make complex body panel replacement look routine. It is this level of expertise and experience that we are proud to offer all our customers. You know that your treasured classic car could not be in more skilled hands.

We are specialists in classic American car restoration. We can collect and deliver, perform chassis aligning, paint refinishing to manufactures specification. We are also fibreglass repair specialist. We can also help you with individual paint / body design on car or motorcycle. In fact, no job is too small or too big.

Why JC?

John has more than 30 years’ experience with American Muscle Cars – and he has been painting, rebuilding, driving and enjoying them since 1976.

In 2004 John opened a restoration workshop to specialise in muscle cars and all other types of American cars as well as classic English and European Vehicles

ACCIDENT DAMAGE If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, JC can rebuild your car to a good as new condition.

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